4 thoughts on “The Haircut.

  1. Nice cut, nice shot, nice light.

    And from my experience, yes, there is something that mothers cannot do (or rather should not do): manage my wardrobe. Because everything that my mum made me wear, or wanted me to wear, was awful.

  2. Professionally done!

    My son Viggo decided to cut his hair as well. He was the pioneer of equal hair rights for boys at his local school when previously boys had to have short hair. However the long hair has got too much so he’s making a plan to cut it later today (we’re in lockdown with no hairdressers open).

    Here are a few of him. (The “tattoos” are his drawings with ink. They change daily. Wish I’d had a shorter lens on the camera. I just shoot with what is lying around). Very yellow light today.


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