10 thoughts on “Serious.

    1. Thanks Andreas!

      It’s actually amazing how people have guessed the focal length to be anywhere between 24 to 135! I’m not saying I would make a better guess in the same situation, I’m just amazed how focal length almost doesn’t matter.

  1. Serious image for serious times. Great you added the 24-135 clue. I was going to guess 35mm Summilux ASPH but now I’m lost 😊

      1. oh oh…hope it gets over soon. I am not asking which lens, because I was told off by another reader when I did that previously with that Nikon 24/1.4 I think.

          1. Unfortunately, yes. That was when you had the Nikon 28/1.4 as a mystery lens, by one of the regulars – K.
            Anyway, I am no expert in lenses, but I think this could be at least a 50mm, perhaps an older Zeiss? Look forward to your disclosure at some point 🙂 Hope your isolation is over and your family is out of any danger.

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