The Corner Office.

↑Nikon Z7 + Undisclosed Magical Mystery Lens.

9 thoughts on “The Corner Office.

  1. Dave Uhlig says:

    Very nice image Peter. My only concern would be her foot just getting cropped at the heel. A very small issue, just something that kind of jumped out at me. Great capture of emotion and feel.

    • Thanks Dave. A very valid point. I just re-posted the image with the heel spared (you might have to refresh your browser to see the new image).

      Thanks so much for your input.

      • Dave, I should add that I originally noticed that little corner of the heel was cut-off when I was processing the image, but thought that it was acceptable in order to complete the diagonal in the composition formed by the leading (front) leg and extending to the upper right corner.

        The slight shift upward to save the heel slightly diminishes the strength of the diagonal, causing it to terminate just short of the corner. I wonder if most people would, intuitively, prefer one composition vs. the other. I know for photographers, however, that it’s a big no-no to cut off any distal extremity.

  2. Dave Uhlig says:

    I was wondering if it wasn’t just a slight cropping issue. That is definitely one of your strong suits, is framing an image. Glad your posting more lately. I picked up another Z6, I’m working on getting the autofocus down. But I’m ready for another season of weddings and portrait work! I’m excited to have a new system this year, mostly thanks to you.

  3. Andreas Hackauf says:

    Bravo! The new lens got something special! Looking forward to see more!

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