4 thoughts on “Nikon FM2N.

  1. I think I have that lens somewhere – the AiS and the AF-D. I would choose it over the 1.4 without thinking about it.

    If f/1.8 can’t give you the bokeh you need, you’ll never be happy. Leica doesn’t even have an f/1.8 50mm, and people cannot say enough good things about the bokeh of the Summicron.

  2. Easily in the running for the best film camera that Nikon ever made.
    Not a fan of the “E” lens though. Optics are fine, but lubrication/mechanics of the focus ring are chancy and the lens is actually a little too small for my fat fingers.
    If you get a good one, you don’t need anything else.
    Show us some pictures!

    (Never commented before, but I’m a huge fan of your family pictures.)

    1. Well Scott, I’m glad you finally broke your vow of silence!

      Nice first comment: concise, honest, blunt but fat with content, just like your fingers ha ha.

      I’m with you on this one: if I get a good 50/1.8, I really don’t need anything else.

      Photos from the first (test) roll to be posted shortly.

      Thanks for your encouragement.

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