5 thoughts on “Post-Christmas Cubism Period.

  1. Loved it. Dealing with the angst before school tonight. Did not pick up the z series, but did get the mirrored version. Love my camera, and I am having fun taking my children on photo safaris.

  2. With your using different cameras it is probably proving what others are saying that right now, there is not a lot of differece any more in image quality at the top end. All CMOS sensors heaps of adaptors for lenses what really can anyone do any better.

    1. I believe you’re right Ian, but honestly I did not feel this way before Nikon introduced the Z system. The combination of a smaller camera body (as compared to a DSLR) and better quality lenses have all but cured me of my preoccupation with Leica cameras and lenses.

      Now, if you want the digital rangefinder experience, Leica is still the only game in town, but for anything else it makes more sense to use a Nikon/Canon/Sony. I never thought I’d feel this way, but here I am.

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