6 thoughts on “New York City (6).

  1. Really good stuff Peter. I’ve got a Z6 with 24-70 2.8 on the way, should be here tomorrow. I’ve been using the D750 for 4 years, and ready for a change. Your switch has provided the spark. I’m hoping the EVF is better than the sony I used years ago, I’m sure it is. I think I’m going to wait on further lenses and see what the 50mm 1.2 S mount lens brings.

  2. Awesome, thank you for the heads up. My season slows down quite a bit now, so it’s a good time to learn a camera. If you come across any other tips or tricks, please pass them along! I’m thinking I may end up jumping into the S mount with both feet, and just going completely that route. I do still have a 200-500 5.6 that they don’t offer, so that would be the only lens out of the arsenal. Please keep posting some of your work, and don’t forget about Instagram…

    1. I’m still using the D500 + 70-200mm for baseball (or at least will be using that combination in the spring) but for everything else it’s going to be the Z for me.

      I think that, despite Nikon’s attempt at marketing, this system is sort of under the radar, though it’s becoming less of a secret as people realize just how good it is.

      As for Instagram, I had a brief presence on it but decided a few years ago that it wasn’t for me.

  3. Good move Peter. With my aging eyes, my Leica lens are always on shelf.
    Despite many dismiss Nikon Z series’ lenses (and they praise Canon RF lenses for being Pro), I personally enjoy the well balanced 1.8s series so much. I hold my move to Nikon Z for now as I am looking at the X1Dii for a superficial reason – it looks gorgeous.

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