Guest Post: Aaron C Greenman – Ete en France Profonde (Color).

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I’m happy to share a very special guest post by Aaron C Greenman.

Wait!… Aaron is shooting film now?  And is using colour??? 

Up is down, front is back… what in the world is happening?!

LOL, I’ll let Aaron answer for himself, but as you view his images, I want you to think about how the change in medium and gear has changed his work.

Thank you Aaron,


Aaron C Greenman writes…
Well, summer days (and light) are waning again, and I have had a bit of a different experience these recent months, returning to film and shooting with a Mamiya 6 as opposed to digital Leica M’s. I always wanted to test my compositional abilities with the square format and luckily came across the Mamiya, which had not really previously been on my radar. I have always liked the concept of 6×6 square film but had never gotten along with the ergonomics of waist-level finders. The Mamiya 6 – like the Leicas – feels simple and mechanical, gets out of the way and is equally inspiring to shoot with – what I didn’t expect was that I much prefer shooting color vs. black and white on film (perhaps in this regard I was spoiled by the Monochrom?), and my entire summer has been spent indulging in Ektar 100. 
As you probably know, I have had a long-running project to document life in rural France during the seasons (Ete en France Profonde and Hiver en France Profonde), all shot in black and white. As a contrast, I’ve included some images below from this summer to show my (temporary?) transition to color. 
Wishing you the best and a wonderfully colorful autumn,
aaron c greenman
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2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Aaron C Greenman – Ete en France Profonde (Color).

  1. had the same words in my mind when I saw the series: very impressive!…and out of life! …own handwriting, nothing smoothed!!! ..thank you Aaron ( and Peter)

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