4 thoughts on “North Toronto As – Team Photo.

  1. On a personal and aesthetic level – as something you would print and put on a fridge or a wall – it’s wonderful.

    On a technical level, it shows the limitations of those tiny sensors. Having said that, I love shooting with my iPhone, as out-dated as it is. 😉

    1. The phone sensors might be limited indeed, but it’s funny how many of us spend considerable amounts of money on larger sensors and gear, only to turn around and “rough up” the subsequent files during post-processing.

  2. Sometimes the iPhone is handy, more about the moment, but worth it.

    On a side note I got the 7Artisan 50mm f1.1 now it cost me $250aus or $169us that’s insane the Summilux 50 costs $5,000aus I know its not as good but its still good your review was good and even Thorsten reviewed it.

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