7 thoughts on “Spinning Tops.

  1. Peter, your work has definitely moved to a new level of visualization with the switch to mf. yes, you are still photographing your family’s activities and “intimate” moments, but elements of design and lighting, for example, seem more consciously utilized. and who says you cant capture movement with these big “slow” cameras? your daughter on the beach. the girls here. ive always admired your ability to capture interesting moments in their day. but you are adding other dimensions, i feel, without their appearing contrived or self consciously imposed.

    1. Henry, they say “it’s not the camera, it’s the photographer”, but I find that different types of cameras will influence my photography. Sometimes, when I’m in a funk, a change of gear results in a change in how I “see”.

      On a related note, thank for your very, very kind words…

  2. no question re different types/formats affect how we approach a subject. my first serious efforts were intermittently split between an m4 and a 5×7 deardorf. crazy approach? well, they just allowed different approaches to my subject — people. over a number of years, i leaned toward the rangefinder as the view camera just required too much of a consciously planned approach (for me anyway) while the leica brought spontanaity, as your work with one shows. yet i like the thought process and occasional spontaneous and creative moments that combining the two systems could yield—thus my move to medium format. i just wish my x1d (the original one; the new mark ii is supposed to be faster) were faster.

  3. Very good!…..You see them move!…they are in their “spinning world” 🙂 …..very moving….

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