6 thoughts on “Beach Acrobatics.

    1. Thank you! This should be the end of them, for the most part. Ironically, this is the only image I’ve posted from the beach, even though we spent a considerable amount of time there (but I didn’t have my camera with me most of the time… I “focused” instead on enjoying our vacation).

      1. Sometimes a vacation means taking a vacation from your favorite hobby, too. Family time is easily forgotten with our obsessions / hobbies! For example, I like to paint – but got so overwhelmed by a bad painting I ignored art for two days and did other things. Now, cleaning up the studio, but have pulled out my cameras – film, digital – and am revisiting them, reading the manuals, and so on. I’m also making a schedule (I retired 4/1) to make sure I have active slots for other interests, too. I think it will help me enjoy things more as there are so many things I like to do – probably too many!

        1. Well, first of all congratulations on your retirement (I noticed you subtly slipped that in there)!

          Secondly, you’re right: sometimes you need a vacation from your passions, and it’s also important to, in general, just focus on the moment with family, as much as possible. I think I was more successful with doing those things this time around, and as a result definitely let certain photo opportunities go. But I think that’s provided me with a mental “reset” that should hopefully benefit my photography going forward.

  1. “I don’t know how you’s done it. BUT I KNOW YOU’S DONE IT!” 🙂 I think with a few months of regular practice I might be able to be maybe stand on my hands, albeit awkwardly.

    The composition is great as it is. But if the greenery in the background were not there it would have been a step up again, as you would have only three colour bands: sand, sea, (cloudy) sky.

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