31 thoughts on “Leica M10 for Fuji GFX 50R.

  1. Hi Peter:

    I’d suggest, put both camera’s down and don’t shoot anything for a week. Then pickup the Leica shoot hard for a few days, then shoot the Fuji for a few days. Now, how do you feel about shooting with each?

    Then, post in random order the images from both on your site and ask viewers their opinions. From a technical standpoint, I bet the vast majority of the viewers won’t be able to tell which camera shot which images. But, I wonder if viewers will notice a shift in “how you shoot aesthetically ”

    I’ve followed you for many years, and IMO, your style is based more on “how you shoot, and subject matter”, than “what you shoot with”.

    It will be interesting to follow your path in this decision.

    1. Hi Chris, and thank you kindly for your comments.

      I don’t have the Fuji (I borrowed one for 15-20 minutes for some test shooting, hence the previously posted images) so I would have to sell the M10 to get one.

      I know you’re right re: “how I shoot” vs. “what I shoot with”. I know… I really, really know… (LOL)..

      With respect to image quality specifically, however, though it would be difficult to discern differences at the sizes I post on this site, I know they would indeed be there when working on the files and/or making large prints.

      I sort of imagine a sunset portrait where I could have beautiful tonal transitions on a face with a gentle rolling off of the highlights. The bigger sensor would allow that — would bring out the subtleties more so than what I’m getting with the M10.

      I’m committing the cardinal sin of valuing technical image quality above image content… I know I’m doing it but the perfectionist in me keeps chasing it.

  2. Don’t do it man. You will regret it.

    Poaching directly from DPReview:

    “However, because the 44 x 33mm format is only 70% larger than full-frame, the difference in image quality between the Fujifilm and the best of its full-frame peers (some of which have more advanced sensors) is somewhere between slight and non-existent. This means you pay an awful lot of money for a marginal gain”.

    – You will lose in portability and speed;
    – You will lose on subject engagement;
    – You will lose on lens flexibility and quality (maybe less so on the “quality” issue…); and
    – at most routine sizes (ie. web-based, photobooks, normal sane prints…) you (blinded, of course…) and your viewers will likely not detect a tangible difference.

    Now. I know you are going to do whatever that (dangerous) little voice in your head tells you… (heck, you may have done it already) but I cannot be responsible for what happens at this point.

    (Trust me…if there was truly something to be gained, you know I would have done it already)


  3. Life is short, you should explore anything you like.

    Just to throw some gasoline in the fire:

    You can get an GFX-R and an adaptor and use your M lenses as well in crop mode. I am not sure how well they will work but if they do work well, you get the best of both worlds 🙂

    Just to throw some water in the fire now, here are your words from a previous post:

    My conclusion (and this is already known to many of you): a camera like this could not replace my M camera – it’s not meant to be a casual shooter. However, if you remember that this is an (almost-)medium format camera and you use it for careful, considered photography, it will reward you.

    On the other hand, I still can’t stand shooting with an EVF… it disconnects you from the world in such a jarring way.

    1. Hey Kostas! Nice of you to show up to this therapy session 🙂

      The output of the 50R, under the right conditions, is simply… beautiful (better than I can get with the M10).

      Having said that, the EVF, to which you refer, is so disappointing to someone like me who is used to the clarity of a rangefinder OVF.

      1. I know Peter, I do have the 50s, but I do not use it much because of the size, something to think about. And the 110mm/f2 is a beautiful lens (I am sure you would want it) but it is heavy… I am not 100% sure it can be your only camera.

  4. You have to ask yourself if you don’t try it will it just come up again and again. Medium format does seem the way to go, I think you will have a lot of fun with those big files.

  5. Hi Peter, the good thing about this possible decision is that if it does not please you in the end, you’d ALLWAYS be able to go back, and the experience allways enriches our knowledge. Cheers.

    1. Hi Teresa, I agree, it’s always good to build our experiences – I’ve been doing that to the extreme for a long time!

      Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to go back so easily this time… it would be (at least) a year of living with a possible mistake.

  6. Of course, you’re the artist, but I’d argue that the body of work you produced with the M9 and RZ67 + 110 f2.8 combo was/is some of my favorite. I imagine that the M10 (for the little moments) with the RZ (for sunset portraits and tonal qualities) would be similar. The output has been proven, the investment secure, and your film followers would certainly enjoy the conversation. Or have you written off film?

  7. As a long term follower of your site, I wouldn’t recommend it. 🙂 M10 is way more special, adaptable and discreet tool. But on the other hand fuji 50R IS very tempting tool especially with mitakon 65mm F1.4 manual lens… so yummy… 🙂

  8. 1) Some folks are just not happy sitting around the campfire every night.

    2) I’m thinking of a Joni Mitchel song about taxis, paradise, and paving… you know the one, right?

    It’s all good. :))

    1. 🙂

      I’m thinking of a Beatles song, that goes:

      “The long and winding road,
      that leads to your door
      Will never disappear,
      I’ve seen that road before,
      It always leads me here…”

  9. At least Peter wait until the Hasselblad X1D-100c announcement, this should really be the camera you’re waiting for if you’d like to jump to mirrorless medium format. Take it from an M user who has shot with both the original X1D and the Fuji GFX-50R.

    That being said, under the right conditions and with a lot of light, image quality is beautiful (though Hasselblad has the better color processing) – with useasbility and viewfinder experience not nearly up to M pleasantness.

  10. Dear Peter,

    we already know that nothing beats the CCD sensor at base iso ( and I can comment on that, since I have had an M9, MMono and Pentax 645D…. )
    Since a few weeks now, I have made the plunge and bought a printer Epson P7000 ( amazing tool that can print until A1 … )
    Since that, I now understand the importance to have the perfect treatment for my picture, the best PP I mean…
    I do not want to be “pretentious”, but I have lot of camera ( Canon 1Dx II with the best L lenses, one Pentax 645z with great lenses as well and bought lately a wonderful MP type 240 in Chrome version like new with a great deal and a 50mm Summicron V5 to play with… )
    For what I can see and feel with my prints, it is that the best looking IMHO are those with the CCD sensor…. the M9 is just gorgeous and the B&W from the monochrome CCD are something!!!!
    I did not think that I will like the files from the M240, but actually, this camera is so good, so good!
    the pleasure to have this M in my hand is just not comparable with other camera … rangefinder and quality of the body of the camera is something so special I guess.
    Why I write all this finally? each camera has his own purpose ( my Canon is for when I need to make portraiture for “model and actor”, and make some money for this work )
    The Pentax 645z is for quiet moment on tripod and more personal work ( this camera is amazing,the files from this bad boy are wonderful when I shoot at aperture f/11 and want that DOF without chirurgical looking… high iso with this beast is just beautiful, even at 12800!!!
    And now, the MP240 is more for my street photography …. and this is just the best toy for that IMHO.
    Sorry to be long and heavy with my written, but all this for what?
    Just to say that your M10 until A3 format print will be stellar with an 50mm Summilux!
    Now, for sure, if you want to do lot of landscape and portrait at f/11 and f/16 aperture, and want something with better transition, better looking that this M10, for sure that a “medium-format” like this 50r will change the game for you…
    To be honest, if you can have only one camera with you , the M10 is the one for you ( also, the 50mm Summilux is a legend and you can not come close with the Fuji lenses… I mean, the rendering of this 50mm is so special, that you will miss it for sure.
    Now, I guess that Leica will come to us with a new camera like an M11 or something like that and will have more mega pixel like the new Q2 has right now…
    Imagine, 45 megapixels and your 50 Summilux could be magical ( only if you print large of course :-)) ).
    Finaly, because I have The Pentax 645z and that it has the “same sensor’ that this Fuji, I can say that the files from this beast are something special, especially when shooting at narrow aperture, then the transition, the veloute and the 3D effect are just fantastic …
    If you take the Fuji, it is because you want to print very large and that you want to explore o new way to photograph your subject ( less DOF, less blur creating a frame and composition very well thought before you take the shoot … and with a tripod of course! )
    Maybe, you can found a good deal on an Leica M8 with a used Voigtlander 35mm f/1.4 and buy beside that this Fuji 50r…. like this, you always have the pleasure to shoot with a rangefinder, and you have this Fuji for explore a new way to photograph the world ….

    OUCH, without google translation, was not easy to write all this… hoping you will understand mu purpose my Peter!

    BTW, wish you to be happy with your family and send you a lot good vibes!

    Best to you mon ami.


  11. Forgot to say!!!
    I have seen that our friend Ashwin has this Fuji…. perhaps you may contact him to see what he thinks about this camera.
    Also, because I have some great Hasselblad lenses, my dealer will let me play with a 50r in a few days ( I have ordered an adaptor from Novoflex to match with the Fuji, and I have the Techart AF to adapt my Canon lenses as well … )
    If it is not too late, I will give you my feeling about this camera then.
    But you already known that you can produce wonderful pictures with that camera, but being more quiet, more thoughtful and less Snappy …. that is the difference with both system!
    Photography is my passion as you already know, and if the Techart adaptor works good with this Fuji 50r, I will probably buy it, because my 85mm f/1.2 L II from Canon is just so special.
    It will be something like an 68mm in full Fram 35 with an aperture of 0.90 or something …
    I am sure, you already know this guy, otherwise you may take a look at his work…https://jonasraskphotography.com/

    Soon Peter!

    1. Mon cher frère Hugues!

      Merci beaucoup d’avoir pris le temps d’écrire ces informations détaillées!

      Yes, I am familiar with Jonas and I believe he must have generated a lot of camera sales for Fuji… he is so good.

      You seem to have built up quite a stable of cameras, but you are one of the few photographers I know who knows how to make excellent use of each and every one. And your passion for photography still shines through, despite your words being put through the Google Translate machine 🙂

      My M10 shall remain with me. I will find another way to dive back into medium format… somehow. But I know my primary choice of gear will always be an M camera.

      Thank you again for your comments.


      1. Mon cher frère Peter!

        glad you keep your M… there is something I have forgot to mention earlier, is that the pleasure to hold an M LEICA in hand is nothing comparable with other…
        The beauty and quality of the Leica body can not be compare with this plastic toy from Fuji ( I have touched and seen a Fuji GFX 50 today, and sorry to say, but it is so shitty … truly not what I call “quality made”.
        For sure, it is very light weight and confortable to hold… but, although it is the sensor with has to be perfect, I really can not have pleasure photographing with…
        Also, nothing can not remplace the OVF… I know that is heavy, and the lenses are not perfect at wider aperture, but Pentax 645z is just in an other league for the finition and quality … there is something very analog with the files, and I have tried some street photography with today at 12800 iso and the result is comparable with my Pentax 67 with An Ilford 400 HP5 pushed 2 stops ( 1600 ).
        The noise ( grain ) with this Pentax 645 is truly beautiful …
        It is huge and heavy, lenses are not the best of course … but the “look” and colors from this beast are so good… not chirurgical and very analog.
        From what I see with the Fuji, it still very sharp and digital… and not very medium-format looking IMHO.

        BTW, I am sure you will found the good compromise and will take pleasure to photograph your beautiful family ….

        Warmest regards


        p.s. sorry not to post lot comments in your site, but know that I follow you… always )))

          1. Totally agree about the OVF! I really don’t understand how people tolerate it… yuck.

            And don’t EVER hesitate to post a comment (or 2, or 3!) here; your input is always appreciated my friend.

  12. While i love my GFX and it´s my all time favourite camera, as along time readerof your blog i think you may miss the Rangefinder. I guess the only way is to try it out. my current digital setup is just an XT3, the GFX and some film cameras. veryhappy with that setup.

    1. Thank you Marc. I’m glad you have found the right combination. I’m beginning to think that, for me, the M10 and a DSLR with an OVF (while they still sell them) might be enough.

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