6 thoughts on “Snow Honey (Saturday Walk).

      1. Ops yes Peter, sorry, I was meaning the Honey photo in B&W indoors. I’ve just purchased its identity cause really wanna love to try it with my Leica M-E and also my M3. Hope nobody takes this as an heresy but I celebrated my last health recovery by purchasing the Summilux 35 asph fle. I love it but can’t justify to my lovely family and to myself owning such an expensive lens together with the Summilux 50 asph. The Leica store manager at Barcelona y ells me: Teresa, sell the Summilux 50 and keep the Lux 35 which according to him is a much better lens. However is too perfect for me and I am exploring alternatives…hehe…as you see am a Leica-ill specimen. But…whatever..: life is good

        1. Teresa, I just saw your purchase… thank you.

          The 35 FLE is a remarkable lens. I have owned it a few times, but always seem to find reasons to part with it (it is has its flaws too).

          I’m glad you have recovered from your illness; you should still indulge in something (Leica or not), given what you’ve been through.

          With regards to Lens #AceUpMySleeve, it definitely is not an indulgence with respect to cost, but you will definitely appreciate its beautiful rendering.

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