The Portrait by the Curtain.

Leica M10 + Undisclosed Lens #AceUpMySleeve.

7 thoughts on “The Portrait by the Curtain.

  1. henry says:

    Beautiful, Peter.

  2. jh says:

    Nice colours Peter. Now just take it outdoors 😉

  3. gmlane says:

    Peter, I love these indoor window portraits that you frequently shoot. You have mastered the lighting and color like Vermeer. And your wife and children are good spirits to indulge you.

    • Thank you George! The light was very nice from this window. There’s a little flare from said light at my daughter’s left elbow, which I like.

      And yes, I am very fortunate to have a very supportive (and accommodating) family.

  4. kdghantous says:

    This is a little bit… Downton Abbey-esque. Very nice.

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