11 thoughts on “Test Shot #2 – Portrait – Undisclosed Lens #7.

  1. Very nice, Peter. incredible skin tones. that lens seems a long focus the way his face is a bit (compressed?). f/1.? for background? still, handsome fellow.

    1. 😂

      Seriously though (never having shot with it…) it looks a bit 75 Lux-y. Nice rendering at the point of focus, unsharp quickly, with rapid fall-off. Nice compression. Something 85 or 90-ish I would infer.

      All-in-all, a nice looking portrait lens!

      1. Now this is getting interesting! That is a very astute guess my friend.

        As for all the lens possibilities, you’ve seen them all.

        I’m not telling…. yet. Though you have given me a good idea for a post.

      2. How can you infer that it is around 75mm when the distance between the nose and ears is so big? In my opinion this is a below 50mm lens, maybe 40mm 😉

        1. A dissenting view from Kostas! Excellent.

          Sometimes I think I should just do away with identifying any of the gear I use (as I have here), and I’ll tell you why:

          I posted a portrait a few months back and most people reacted favourably to it but one person pointed out that the face exhibited distortion from the 50mm lens I used, because it was shot “too close”. The reality is that the image had been cropped to appear as if the subject was near, so in actuality there was no distortion of the facial features.

          I have no doubt that if I had instead identified the lens as a 90mm prime then no one would have “seen” any distortion.


  2. Peter, nice. I have gained a new appreciation for your skin tones. I shoot with a 35/50, and it’s not those lenses. Never shot with a 75. I like the way the sharpness rapidly falls off.

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