Season’s Greetings… and…

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For almost a decade I’ve enjoyed posting images and engaging in discussion with fellow photographers and photo enthusiasts on this site.

Truth be told, it wasn’t always a fun process, and I wasn’t always happy doing it.

I did however strive to be honest… with you and with myself.  I was wrong about some things, changed my equipment far too frequently, and often overestimated my abilities and influence.

And I documented it all, here.

Now I believe the time has come to stop posting.  Knowing myself, I will continue to have an intermittent presence online (I love the photography community far too much to completely stop interacting with all of you) but it won’t be here.

Thank you for your attention and support.

I hope 2019 is kind to you and your loved ones.

(And please remember to enjoy Life’s Little Moments.)

Season’s Greetings.



EDIT: December 29, 2018.

After a restful holiday and an almost complete recovery from illness, I’ve decided to keep this blog going for as long as I can.  Thank you again for all of your messages of support.


Leica M10 + Leica 50mm Summilux ASPH f/1.4.



29 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings… and…

  1. Happy Holidays….and thank you for kindness, generosity, and wisdom. Your blog has been a sweet spot.

    Now….go forth and thrive wherever and whenever and whatever.

    You and your blog are gems.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  2. I know how you feel, Peter.

    It’s been a good run. Congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished, and all the people you’ve inspired—myself included.

    Good luck on the next phase…whatever it may be.

  3. Peter,

    I’m sorry to hear of your decision, but certainly understand it must take a lot of effort. Thank you for sharing your photos, family and opinions for many years. I don’t “know” your family, but I know I am going to miss your wonderful photos of them.

    You are the first site I check just about daily and will most definitely be missed.


  4. Peter, Over the years I have returned to your blog more than any other individual photographer. I appreciate your eye and your opinions/insights. The window you provide into your life and family, I find genuine and refreshing. I have never particularly longed for a family of my own (though I am still young) but if I end up having one, in part, it will be inspired by your blog.

    I have enjoyed your posts very much and I do hope that you continue.


  5. Peter,

    It’s been great following along here. Make sure and let us know what new outlet you will be using, if any. It’s a great time to be a photographer and sharing images. Hope you and your family have a great holiday season.

  6. Peter: Likewise, I am sorry to read about your decision. However, I can appreciate the energy required to post on a regular basis, which is difficult at best to maintain, especially as long as you have. Nevertheless, I will certainly miss your posts, and it will be like loosing a friend. I looked forward to your emails and learned from and was inspired by your images. It always amazed me how you could repeatedly posts good and interesting images of your family, and it was fun to see the children growing up. I maintained a file of your images that especially connected with me as well as information that you shared and that I found helpful. I must admit that I felt guilty that I didn’t regularly comment about your images or information shared, and I should have since it was an important part of maintaining a site on which you shared your wonderful talent. I know on occasion that you post articles and images on Steve Huff’s site, and I have also seen your posts on DPR. So, hopefully I will be able to follow you in the future, albeit not so frequently. But please know that I thank you for sharing your outstanding photography and knowledge and that I wish you the very best. May you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

  7. Peter, this is, I am afraid, a somewhat inadequate thank you from a longstanding admirer. I have been reading your posts for a long time and have never wavered in my respect for your style, passion, integrity, sensitivity and clear love for your family. I appreciate you sharing the intimacy of your family life with others: while you are lucky enough to have a naturally beautiful family, the end result is as much a credit to your photographic skill as it is to their good looks. And it isn’t just about the photography: it is clear that you have produced a fine family of whom you should be very proud.

    I know most of us remain silent which possibly ends up meaning that you have no sense of the contribution you make to people’s lives or how many lives you touch. Instead, you probably feel that you receive a disproportionate amount of criticism, and trolls and brickbats. But I think I can speak for many in saying a lot of us hold you dear and wish you well. I certainly found you a cut above almost all others hosting photo websites and I will miss paying you and your family a regular visit. With abiding thanks (and wishing you happiness in the future), Jeremy

  8. Peter, so much of my feeling has been expressed in the preceding comments. just know how much i respect you and treasure your sensitive, caring and insightful remarks both here and in emails we’ve shared. i’ll be in touch but will always be looking for you.

  9. Well Peter. There is little else that I can add to the previous comments. I have followed you, and agreed, or disagreed, with you for many a year since you were called something other than Prosophos, on the Leica forum.
    I have enjoyed time with your family, and thank you for the opportunity to do so.
    As the others have said, I wish you and yours all the very best in the future.

  10. I hope that you still post images on either Instagram or Flickr. I also look forward to seeing your photo essays/stories on Steve Huff’s site. 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you, your friends and your family. May peace be upon you all!

  11. This has been a unique site for a lot of reasons, not least of which has been (as I’ve written elsewhere – do you put quotes if you’re quoting yourself?) “your peerless eye for light and line”. It’ll be a unique loss for me for sure and lots of others. But I can see it’s time.

    I hope we can stay in touch at least a little. And I have a final (and quite unreasonable) request: leave us with a last year in review – 18 from ’18? :))

  12. thank you for all the your photos and thoughts. i’ve thoroughly enjoyed them even though i’m not often commenting. will very much miss following your blog but understand how you feel.

  13. Hi Peter, there is not much I can add to what’s been said above – all the thanks and well wishes in your next endevours. I am willing to bet my new 50 chrome “not so special” edition, that you will continue to be passionate about photography and about gear… have a wealth of knowledge and a keen eye and curious mind to continue with this blog in some fashion. May I suggest you bring back the series of mystery lens articles and other equipment reviews for which readers will pay a small fee to access? The money will help to acquire new and unusual gear to investigate and pay for web hosting. To me this sounds like a win win proposition. I would (and have in the past) help fund this pay web site, either as monthly subscription or pay for specific articles/ reviews etc.
    For now- Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2019!! Enjoy this special time with your beautiful family. Your kids are lucky to have such a great dad

  14. I will buck the trend and say – what’s all this? What are you doing? Come on Peter, brush it off and keep your chin up. We all have periods when we think we are not good enough but these periods are just as important in the journey and nobody escapes them. They teach us a lot. Take a break, sure — But don’t give up, NEVER give up, my friend.

    1. David, I’ve been dealing with some health issues over the past few months that have, admittedly, worn me down. That is the main reason I haven’t been photographing or posting as much.

      On the bright side, after a period of not knowing what was going on (and fearing the worst), I received some test results back this week that were encouraging. Also, I’ve begun to feel well again.

      1. Peter, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had health issues and very happy to hear you starting to feel better — I hope that continues. I hope in light of this my comment wasn’t taken as negative, just trying to support and encourage. It’s really unfair when health matters arise and after such issues myself I know how difficult they can be. Best wishes to you and your family and I really hope you find a restful Christmas period.

  15. All the best, Peter. You have been such a valuable member of the photo (and Leica) community, and I understand the need and desire to step aside. Keep us posted in terms of where you plan to participate and share images, and I do very much hope to be in touch.

  16. Thank you Peter. The pleasure has been all ours.

    Good luck in life and photography beyond “Prosophos” and continue to enjoy the little moments.

  17. drhadishaikh, karen, Mark, John, Greg, Dave, George, Aivaras, Abel, Stephen, Jeremy, Henry, Hugues, Andrew, Karim, Greg (G49), Bijan, Dimitry, David, Ashwin, James, and Andy I wanted to thank all of you for your generosity. I hope you all have a restful holiday period and a Happy 2019.

    David, regarding you “bucking the trend”, I’ve directly responded to your question/statement above.

    Thank you again everybody,


  18. Dear Peter, I am so glad you are continuing your blog. The warmth and humanity in your photography not only inspires but remind us that there is so much beauty and joy to be found in this hectic, complex world of ours if we only remember to look and to live in the moment. Thank you. I have long been inspired by your blog, even investing in an M9 – a decision I have never regretted. BRIDGET

    1. Dear Bridget, thank you so much for your kind words. I may be slightly biased, but you’ve made a great choice with the M9 🙂 I hope it has been serving you well, and my best wishes to you and your family for a happy and healthy New Year.

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