6 thoughts on “K, classic.

    1. Thanks Dave. This was totally unplanned… brought my camera to work last week and shot for 15 min during the noon hour.

      By the way, you’ve been quite productive with your portraits lately. You must have some very satisfied customers.

      1. This time of year is always challenging. Having a full time Firefighter job, and then portrait photography, I’m working about 85 hours a week right now. Good problem to have, but can be stressful! It is funny, but I must absolutely love photography. After 1 hour of sleep Saturday night, being at the station, and then 4 portrait sessions on Sunday, I still wanted to stop on my way home and shoot some fall colors. That definitely told me that I’m doing what I love, so I’m definitely thankful. Are you missing the ability to shoot some telephoto or 28mm 1.4 with the nikons gone?

        1. Wow, you are quite dedicated and passionate – amazing (though I hope you get some rest soon).

          With respect to your question, I haven’t missed shooting beyond the 50mm FOV because there haven’t been many situations recently where telephoto or wide angle coverage was required. However, ask me 6 months from now when my kids are active again with field sports, and I might give you a different answer.

          There are three Nikon lenses I do miss: the 28/1.4E, the 58/1.4G, and the 200/2. These are very special for people-centric photography.

          My favourite one-lens solution for photographing people is the Leica 50/1.4 ASPH I’m using right now. The combination of excellent optics in a small package + rangefinder camera is unique, and is uniquely suited to the way I like to photograph.

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