3 thoughts on “The Long Walk Home.

  1. I don’t know exactly why I’m drawn to this shot…but I am really fond of it. Perhaps it is the title, harkening back to a modern day “Exodus” (a reeeeallly really long walk home…)

    Or perhaps it is the mix of the modern (concrete and lights) and the traditional.

    In either case, I am not sure whether you planned all of this (or whether I am a total genius for figuring it all out…) but I think it really works.

    I have to agree with Karim somewhat (first time–evar!!) but I wondered when I first saw it whether B&W would have been more impactful.

    Regardless–well done.

    1. My eldest daughter, H, and I were walking behind these gentlemen for a while (it really was a long walk home!), and it was only at this exact moment (“the mix of the modern [concrete and lights] and traditional”, as you put it Mark) that I was finally compelled to put the camera to eye and take this image.

      I had, in fact, been carrying my camera all day while H was volunteering at a baseball tournament. I hadn’t taken a single photo until this moment and had been regretting bringing the camera with me. It felt like a noose around my neck for most of the hot, humid day (under the same circumstance, I wouldn’t have ever considered bringing my Nikon).

      Anyway… enough of the background story. As to what Karim and you mentioned: the possibility of a B&W version. I thought the same. I mean, look at all that yellow contamination from the artificial light… it’s ugly.

      So I initially converted this to B&W and somehow I didn’t like it as much. Perhaps the loss of the tiny little blue and red bokeh balls diminished the image. Perhaps that yellow soup adds to the ambiance. I don’t exactly know either, Mark.

      In any case, thanks for your comments Mark, and Karim. And… I’m glad I could bring you two together in moment of détente.


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