3 thoughts on “75 Years.

  1. I like the work you are producing with the M10 and 50 Summilux. For some reason the work you did with the D850 seemed so sterile, for lack of a better description. The portraits with the Leica seem to have some soul. I also use the very same Leica gear as well as occasionally my D810. Been shooting Leica’s since the late 1980’s. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy looking at your site daily.

    1. Thank you kindly, Marcus.

      “Sterile” isn’t a word I have considered to describe my D850 images, but I think you’re right. The only thing I know for sure is that some emotional spark was missing while I was photographing with Nikon gear.

      With respect to the M10, it kind of bothers me a little that I’ve experienced a drop in image quality (on purely technical terms) by moving to it from the D850. The D850 sensor is that good.

      However, I’ve decided to heed my own words ( https://prosophos.com/2013/03/08/the-picture-youll-never-see/ ) from not too long ago, and forgo chasing technical perfection for now.

      Marcus, on another point, you have been shooting with Leica cameras for a lot longer than me! It must be very rewarding to revisit decades-old film images.

  2. IMO the Leica colour stands over the top of the Nikon – It’s “thicker”, fuller and far more natural. It’s closer to what you see in Medium Format, thought the greens in the M10 are a little flat and unvaried, ie. less true to natural variance that you find in film and medium Format Digital. Colour is far more important than a few more megapixels to me, and what I have observed in the reactions of the everyday viewer.

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