Portrait in the field.

Markham, Ontario, 2010.

(from the archives)


Leica MP, Leica 35mm Summicron ASPH @ f/4, and Fuji Superia X-tra 200, and Epson V700.

10 thoughts on “Portrait in the field.

  1. Andreas Hackauf says:

    This is just beautiful! All the colours are in great harmony!

  2. Dave Uhlig says:

    Beautiful. I really like the subtle tones and hues.

  3. I agree with the above comments. Love the delicacy of the colours in this shot. And this is ‘merely’ X-tra 200! Fuji does colour negative film really well – arguably better than Kodak. Of course I’ve seen nice tonality from digital, too.

    I’m also partial to the NEX cameras. 🙂

  4. Andreas, Dave, and Karim thank you so much for all your comments. Indeed, the colours (earth tones) please me too in this shot. Thank you for your appreciation.

  5. chammann says:

    I like how the compositon plays with expectations and breaks them. The woman looks off into the distance heroically (longingly?), but has most of her silhouette below the horizon in a decidedly non-Leni-Riefenstahl pose. That produces a tension, always good. Sorry for the schoolbook interpretation …

  6. Lucy Moore says:

    Gentle authentic lovely )

  7. mewanchuk says:

    I very much like this photo…and your choice of Superia.

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