Winter Portrait, 2016.

I was going through some old images and realized I never posted this.

How time flies.


↑ Nikon D810 + Sigma 35mm f/1.4 ART.

7 thoughts on “Winter Portrait, 2016.

  1. Dimitry says:

    Hi Peter
    A really awesome picture of your son!
    It looks like the Canadian winter has finally turned the corner – looking forward to more sun and more color in your pictures. In the meantime – you’ve inspired me to get an M3 of my own.

  2. Dave Uhlig says:

    Peter, I know you don’t have the Sigma 35 anymore, but these past couple of images are pretty incredible with it.

    • Thanks Dave. Yeah, I really, really enjoyed using the Sigma 35A when I had it. It was my favourite lens with the D810, and it was a nice size too (for a DSLR lens).

      I’m hoping to do better things with the Nikon 28 when the weather allows, and when the light comes back, as it had just started to in the photo above. I have a feeling the Nikon with its new optical formula and nano coatings will do very well indeed.


  3. Dave Uhlig says:

    It has been an interesting journey with lenses for me lately. I have been a prime guy for 15 years, shooting weddings, portraits and just about anything with a 35, 50 or 85 prime. But a weird thing happened this summer, I bought an older Nikon 24-70 2.8 ED N. It has literally turned by world upside down. I am finding with the D750, I can bump up the ISO a touch and the 2.8 aperture is not a hindrance. I am also finding, I love the look of the images I am getting from this thing, and not having to change lenses has really been a blessing. Its great just throwing my camera over my shoulder and going with virtually every focal length I normally use. I liken it to your switch from Leica. I never would have thought I would be a zoom guy.

    • Hahaha Dave! Nothing wrong with using a zoom. I photographed baseball all last summer with the 70-200/2.8E and loved what I could do with hit; I still question whether it was the right move trading it towards a 200/2.

      Let me show you why.

      Here is an image taken with it:

      And here is the central crop of that image:

      Amazing really.

  4. Dave Uhlig says:

    I think Nikon has some sort of magic fairy dust in their Nano coatings!

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