5 Regrets.

  1. I haven’t always been kind.
  2. I haven’t always been brave.
  3. I didn’t see Miles Davis perform live.
  4. I never learned to play a musical instrument.
  5. I don’t always live in the moment.


7 thoughts on “5 Regrets.

  1. Should we even allow ourselves to have regrets? I have made worse mistakes than those, but I don’t regret anything. I do, however, accept those mistakes and learn from them. I will not bore you with all of my mistakes, or even the worst ones, but here are a few beauties:

    Not learning early enough that sometimes you should spend money on something, especially if it will increase in value.
    Naively thinking that a girl liked me when she didn’t. The heart never lies – my head kept trying to overrule my heart, and so I didn’t see clearly.
    Not getting things done, and then limiting myself because I didn’t do those things.
    Selling my film cameras, most of which were Leicas.
    Not buying a Pakon F135+ when I had the money and they were very cheap.


  2. Selling your Konica Hexanon 60 1.2?
    Selling your Leica cameras?

    Sorry I could not resist a small joke… Be kind 🙂

    1. Interestingly (and quite sincerely)…

      I don’t regret selling my Konica Hexanon 60/1.2 (and it’s been a while), and I don’t regret selling my Leica M9s and lenses ( …yet 🙂 ).

  3. In the 1980’s I remember seeing Miles Davis play live twice – that was something to experience, a blessing really. Live music is always in the moment but that cat was really in the moment. The cool thing about making pictures for ourselves – specifically the ones that inspire us to want to keeping learning and growing – is that it’s much like jazz improvisation once we transcend all the superfluous distractions of our environment. And like Miles said “Do not fear mistakes – there are none.”

  4. I will philosophically quibble in that, as a finite being, regretting failure to “always” be or do anything is unwarranted. Most of us are never as good as we hope to be, nor as bad as we fear we are. For some that “nor” bit is a tough one to keep in sight.

    On the Miles front, I am old enough to have had the opportunity to see him; but, sadly, at any time that was possible, I was too unaware to have wanted to. I did, however, recently splurge on the new Musical Fidelity remastered edition of “Kind of Blue” on 45 rpm LP vinyl and, despite lack of a live reference point, will assert it’s likely the next best thing. If recordings are all you’ve got, this one is monumentally fantastic!.

    1. Perhaps I’m being hard on myself Greg… thank you for providing some perspective.

      As per your LP vinyl recommendation, if I EVER purchase a record player in the future, it will be for the sole purpose of playing “Kind of Blue”.

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