14 thoughts on “Baby Face.

      1. Sold? Sold? The newly returned from Japan M3? Really? Since you’re a baseball buff, let me put it this way: “Say it ain’t so, Joe!”

        1. Greg, since you asked…

          After waiting since April for the camera to be rebuilt, it arrived the day before yesterday. I shot a roll with it, and developed the film that very same night.

          Yesterday, I scanned the film. In every frame, there were multiple horizontal lines running through the images. It took a while to clone them out. Some of them were unsalvageable.


          Was it the fault of the M3? Unlikely – but not impossible.

          Or was it the film developing chamber (scratching the film)? Or a defective scanner?

          I honestly didn’t know, and I wasn’t in the mood to sort any of it out.

          In short, I was done.

          Out of complete frustration, I sold the M3 (which at that point was in my possession less than 24 hrs), the scanner, and even my Mamiya RZ67.

          And vowed never to touch film again.

          1. Ah, sorry to hear all that.

            But, my friend, digital or analogue, your eye and timing as well as attention to process and detail honed over many years of practice, yield up some pretty special images. And with all due respect, never is a very long time. 😉

            PS On a completely other note, my daughter’s wedding is next weekend… wish me and the little Fuji luck (we’ll need it).

            1. Awesome! Congratulations to your daughter and you!

              I wish I lived near you (where are you?), I would love to photograph the proceedings, if you would allow.

              And yes, “never” is a very long time but my wife will kill me if I backtrack for the thousandth time!

  1. Im a little sad, as UK Film Lap has relocated to Canadian Film Lab, their very good and was looking forward to your opinion. Some of the prior trouble stemmed from using a 50 year old camera which of course the 6 month refurb should of and maybe did address. The film images despite the issues are excellent with a different look to your M9 photo’s. In saying all that the M9 as a camera and in your hands produces a very pleasing look. Some artists experiment with different mediums, others don’t. Similar to sports stars, despite the changing livery many of the top tennis players play the same racket their whole career. Ben Hogan played the same single set of golf clubs his.

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