9 thoughts on “Leica M3, restored (by Kanto).

  1. Lovely. An investment for years to come. Providing there is film it will outlast the latest megapixel beasts launched this year.

  2. Great job. Is this a difficult job to do. Is there any manual for it? I would only need to do some corrections to the time settings as they are no longer precise.

  3. Ffffffffuuuuuu…… That is one sexy camera. I actually think that the M4 is the sexiest of all, but this M3 is just amazing.

    I admit to disliking the rounded corners of the M3’s frame lines. (One of the few flaws in 1950s design was rounded corners where they were not appropriate, such as with TV screens). But I suspect you can get new frame lines fitted if you really wanted.

    FWIW I have discovered that Portra 800 is amazing. Do a search for ‘An enquiry into digital versus film – M10 vs M9 vs M6’. Some people disparage that film for some reason. It’s not as high tech as Portra 400 but it looks so good.

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