11 thoughts on “City of Stars (1 and 2).

  1. Peter, the second one is a perfect “game” of DOF and OOF…in the first one there is a very good concentration in the face, but for me the OOF interferes/disturbs a little bit..too busy.

    1. Thank you Karim and Andreas. The darkness necessitated the f/1.4 aperture… and wrt to bokeh, that’s always a personal thing as we all know.

      Even with the f/1.4 aperture I still stretched things technically (because she was constantly moving) by photographing at a slow shutter speed (1/60 sec) for this focal length. I’m quite surprised that there is no visible camera/subject shake evident.

      1. Sir Peter, you did a very good “job”( as always 🙂 ), the second one is so perfect and in the first one the white reflections in the background( OOF) distract me somehow, but they two together make sense..yes, and to read that you had to fight with low light and movement;-) makes this more valuable!

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