6 thoughts on “41 baseball images from today (the A’s win the tournament).

  1. Another wonderful set. You must be very pleased with yourself! 😛

    I have a serious challenge for you: get a Barnack Leica or two, and whatever lenses and film you want. Go shoot a baseball game and show us the results. I have no doubt that even though you’ll miss a lot of shots, you’ll deliver some winners.

    I’ve always wanted to see someone do that. I’d love to try but I have never shot sports.

    I remember when I was probably 5 years old. This girl’s father took us once to a softball game in which he was playing. He had an ankle injury and when he got home, he wrapped it up, sat in front of the TV, grabbed a beer and switched on a baseball game. I commented on his ankle and he joked that in softball, you have to get at least one injury per game. 😉

  2. Break up the A’s… 😉

    Congrats to the team… and to you for the documentation.

    P.S. Is that G (in the two shots after the bloody knee) bringing the heat?

    1. They won the city championships and now they are headed to the Ontario championships.

      In answer to your question Greg, no. But it is him in the “ball-connecting-on-bat” shot (11th from the bottom).

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