8 thoughts on “She.

  1. I quite like this as well. (I am trying to compare it to “The Brick Wall” to see if there is a difference in quality and rendering that would justify the extra effort and expense of the film-based Mamiya portrait–It would certainly be nice to see them both side-by-side, printed LARGE…)

    1. Well, as you know the Mamiya allows me only 10 frames per roll. In 3 out of 10 with this particular roll, my subject was caught in mid-blink… so, you know…

      Having said that, when the stars align with medium format, the results do look more appealing to me than what I can get with my digital or film 35mm.

      But the Mamiya would never have allowed me to get this shot, for many reasons.

  2. Very nice. I rather like bare shoulder portraits. The only nitpick is that it doesn’t have enough contrast. 😉

  3. Well, you’ve taken a number of portraits of the lovely R and always manage to find just a little special something in each. I haven’t been back through the group at all, so maybe I’m forgetting, but I’d say this is the most Mona Lisa ish smile I remember. And while Leonardo had more DOF [ 🙂 ] than you, all that lightness behind her seems a pretty good stand in for the window behind the original. True to my motto, “never say in three words what you can render a hundred or so on” (did you suspect I had such a motto?)… let me conclude: so gently beautiful!

    1. hahaha Greg, always a treat to get “a hundred” words (or even three) from you! Thank you.

      The smile of which you speak is secondary to this being a candid moment, so your eyes are seeing authentic expression — whatever it is that is being perceived.

  4. Highlight on the lips, hair, forehead and tip of nose as well as on the right cheek are all very classic. Reminds me of when I had my studio for 40 plus years and the Rembrandt lighting I usually strived for using numerous lights. You accomplished this with natural light. I’ m assuming you did not use a reflector for fill. Great job in capturing a good pose and seeing the light.

    1. Thank you Marc!

      Believe it or not, this lighting is artificial. It was provided by harsh motel room light… I had no control over it.

      The rest of what was coaxed out of this image was secondary to those beautiful M9 DNG files.


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