9 thoughts on “My M3.

  1. Nothing appears twisted, so I’m guessing it didn’t explode. Nothing appears dented, so I’m guessing it wasn’t dropped from a ten story window. Can I assume you did this to see if you could reassemble it?

      1. Lucky. When I gave them mine, I asked them if they could take a picture in that stage. They did not and they left a dent on the top cover.

  2. Interesting. My first thought was: look at all those tiny parts! Second was: I wonder how many are moving parts? Third was: what a miracle of engineering to have designed something so intricate and have it still working (if imperfectly) so many many years later. A true marvel, that M3. As you know, I’m a big fan of the synergy between you, Tri-X, and a (whole and functioning) M3. I may be near as anxious as you for its return. May it be soon.

    1. Thanks Greg! It’s been 3 months since I sent it to them and they’re just now starting to work on it. I almost cancelled the whole project last week, just before they took it apart 😮 Then I realized I would regret it.

      To pick up on one of your statements, this camera, after all of these decades, with all of these tiny parts, was mostly working other than for some of the shutter speeds. I just wanted to restore it fully to its former glory.

      Thank you for your kind words.

  3. I sent them an M2-R and a 35mm Summicron for the same treatment. Custom paint colours. 5 months total. It’s worth the wait in my experience. The attention to detail is something I’m sure you will appreciate when you get it back. And the M3 will be ready for another 60 years…

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