16 thoughts on “Floral.

  1. Very beautiful composition…presumably, in part, because you were “pre-imagining” this as floral before you released the shutter. Certainly because you were able to see this in the captured image afterwards. Your titles often give us this reminder….and help guide our eyes (and hearts) to look both beyond and deeply into images and to ponder why some images draw us in.

    Oh. And this. Your skills and experience shine. Knowing how to take best advantage of focal length characteristics, color, light, composition, perspective, and camera technique combine and result in…….what’s the word for it?


    1. Karen, Karen, Karen… you make it difficult for me to respond. A sincere thank you is all I will say to your too generous comments.

      And yes, I did immediately see this as a flower. The gorgeous red canoe “petals” drew my attention.

      Interestingly, a 25mm FOV (or wider) was absolutely needed here, because I was standing on a platform that gave me no option to back away to accommodate a normal FOV.

  2. If I didnt already have one, this image would make me go buy a M9! How do you find the 25mm lens? Do you enjoy it?

    1. Thank you Ken!

      In answer to your question, yes indeed… I’ve always enjoyed the 21/25mm focal lengths.

      Regarding the M9 and its sensor… the colour reproduction speaks for itself.

  3. This image is poetic ! It really confirms what’s possible when you get past the visual prose by pairing the Leica M9 with the ZM 2.8/25. One can craft images that are more than the sum of their parts. You’ve definitely demonstrated us what’s possible.

  4. Congrats! The right decision with the M9! Sir Peter, thank you for these awesome colorful results! I am a “50 person”, but this combo is very attracting..it is getting time to google…;-)

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