6 thoughts on “June 9 – Tournament Game #1 (25 images).

  1. I’ve been blown away with the capability of the Nikon sensors. For a lot of my wedding work, it allows me to keep my flashes in the bag for most of the day. Nice work on these. Enjoy and appreciate these moments. I know you probably already do, but for everyone else, these days go by quickly. My wife has a great quote, “The days seem to take forever and the years go by in a blink”.

    1. I’ve heard that saying before! And I agree with it 100%.

      As for the sensor, I’m quite impressed with its capabilities. Admittedly, with these types of images I’m not going for “artistic” results, per se, but it’s nice to have a versatile sensor.

  2. What a wonderful set! Lot’s of great and decisive moments. Let’s see how well I read the game from the pics: Couple, three pitchers, rally caps, dejected opposing catcher walking away and all A’s flying at the end, so, late comeback with some kind of last inning walk off run(s)…
    A’s win, A’s win, A’s win (in my best Harry Caray voice).

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