5 thoughts on “Reflection.

  1. In keeping with the title, perhaps it is not inappropriate to observe that we are not, by nature, digital creatures, but analogue. In our natural state the world is not made up of ones and zeros, but of things seen whole, if imperfectly. But the act of composing is still of primary importance as well.

    And, as an aside, while I see the Vermeer connection, if I was going to compare this to painting it would, with its “widow” behind and hinted at contemplative smile, be more Leonardo for me. In any event, it is quite simply beautiful.

    I love what happens when you put an M3 in your hands.

  2. Bo and Greg, I’d like to thank you both for your kindness.

    Greg, for the record I love holding on to an M3 🙂

    I will probably have to CLA this one… which I hate doing because it always comes back changed in some way… but I really want to keep this one so I have to get it working properly.

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