15 thoughts on “Sony A9.

  1. The A9R will be the high res monster I assume but the thing most compelling for me in the new announcement is the battery life statements and the 100-400mm lens. I have been waiting for a native 400mm solution for 3 years of A7x ownership. Eye waveringly expensive though. All of a sudden that M10 isn’t that much of a premium on the price.

  2. Not at all sad IMHO – after all, digital is better at this stuff. If you’re shooting sport or fast action, why wouldn’t you use digital? The A9 is not exactly a ‘pure’ digital camera, but it’s a heck of a lot more of a digital camera than any DSLR I can think of in the digital 135 format.

    One could do almost everything with an A9 and an M (any M).

    1. Can’t argue with that. Digital is indeed better for this sort of thing, and in this day and age you’d be a fool not to take advantage of this camera’s strengths for photographing sports.

  3. Seems to be designed for Pro sports and video shooters which i guess is inspiring to them, but sad because its a computer that can take photos similar to my iphone 7 plus which can i believe somewhere in there can make phone calls.

  4. Long, long time without coming here. Could not agree more with the «sad» comment. All those features and possibilities can only divert from any significant photography.


    1. I know this camera will have its proper use, and quite rightly gives many sports shooters something to be excited about, but I can’t help thinking that in 5 sec it will literally be possible to produce 100 bad photos, if somebody is inclined to do it.

  5. And yet at the same time (I realize you’ve already dismissed it, but…) Chris Niccolls from TCS gave the M10 a very nice thumbs up in his review, finding it slimmer, simpler, and in every way more enjoyable to use than its predecessor. One thing about Sony launching a $4,500.00 (US) ubertech mirrorless camera, by comparison, Leica prices suddenly seem less fraught. 😉

  6. I actually think this is the droid I’ve been looking for, so it does not make me sad. I would probably rarely use the burst mode. But it would be handy for shooting our Cub Scout pack’s Pinewood Derby next year as my a6000 did ok buy not great with it. And although there is a vast, extensive, sometimes frustrating menu system, I find that I make sure to set the customizable function buttons to whatever I want to access quickly and then I rarely have to go into the deep menu system. For me it’s just the improved autofocus and increased battery life that has me wanting the a9. Although the a6000 is decent in autofocus capability, it isn’t as fast as what I had when I used Canon DSLRs. And my a7s isn’t nearly as fast as the a6000.

    1. I totally get it… and I agree about the extended battery life and improved AF being welcomed developments.

      If I was an enthusiast looking for a sports camera right now, I would strongly consider this.

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