7 thoughts on “Brushing.

  1. Boy, Peter, you have a steadier hand than I do! Seeing these nice tri-x shots make me want to get my m4 out. You have some lovely models.

  2. I’m curious if you love/hate relationship with film boils down to developing, scanning, or just all of that combined. The results seems to speak for themselves.

    1. Developing colour is a problem (for me). But I prefer using B&W when shooting film anyway, so that’s not too big of a problem.

      Scanning is definitely a problem (no longer have a scanner).

      The uncertainty of film, the more deliberate nature of shooting film, are both problems. But they are also blessings of course.

      My impatience is a problem. A big problem.

      Thank you for your kind comment about “the results” though.

      1. If you still have that digital Nikon (D810?), slap on an old Micro-Nikkor 55 and “scan” it with your Nikon. If you have a cable release and a copy stand/tripod its extremely fast and easy. I purchased this old gizmo for enlargers called a “negatrans” and it has a knob to advance the film frame to frame. All in all, the scans turn out great (I have a EM5-II that I use) and its much more enjoyable then the Plustek.

        I 100% get the impatience part of it, though.

  3. Nice shot. Must have been a dim room to go to 1/15.

    I love seeing women & girls with long hair but I don’t envy the amount of work it takes to keep it clean and healthy. 😉

  4. So much texture to this image. May be the wrong word but it is what comes to mind.

    I’m hearing you on the “impatience” side of things. I have images sitting on an unfinished roll in my camera, waiting for the next time I use it so I can get it developed. But I don’t use it if not in the right frame of mind, so I have to wait! I find that a little frustrating.

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