Chocolate Milk (De Mello).

Another Nikon D70 image from yesterday.


↑Nikon D70 + Nikkor 50mm 1.8G.

10 thoughts on “Chocolate Milk (De Mello).

  1. A.Hackauf says:

    Really great I owned a D70 it was stolen, bought a D7000 and than a Leica M9 the rest is history

  2. Sean says:

    … the manner in how the index finger is statically held out in space, and how it patiently interacts with the dynamic crafting of the coffee crema art, inside the cup, is the essence extracted from this image …

    • The little detail of the index finger is the sort of thing that appeals to me too, because it’s a spontaneous motion that no one would think of doing in a posed image. Thanks for noticing and appreciating it Sean.

  3. Marc says:

    Can’t get past the dirt under the fingernail. Otherwise I like the composition

  4. Marc says:

    Thanks for explaining this. Love your work and visit your site almost daily. Have made several contributions to help you. Can’t get out much anymore so I spend most of my time admiring what others, including you, have done and are doing. Thanks again.

    • Thanks Marc, for your comments and contributions.

      With regards to you not getting out much anymore… sounds ominous. I hope you’re okay.

      The coffee grounds issue (mentioned above) has previously made me avoid photographing their hands, but I find hands always tell a story so I’m proceeding now without hesitation.

  5. Dave Uhlig says:

    Great work on this Peter. I’m biased, being a huge Nikon guy, but I think the out of focus areas have a great look to them with the tool you are using. I’m going to even say that this image comes across as well as your Leica work. Subtle tones and smooth colors.

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