The Starbucks Photo Adventure/Workshop/Tour Announced!

Steve Huff is hosting a second Palouse Workshop in June.  It should be great.

But… did you know that Mark is coming to Toronto next month?  He’s joining me for the first ever Starbucks Photo Adventure/Workshop/Tour.

That’s right, two dorks with cameras, inside a Starbucks.

Maybe we won’t even make it to Starbucks…. we may just settle for a coffee stand inside of a bank or bookstore or something.

Anyway, it promises to be a blast!

What’s included:  The cup you get when you buy your own coffee.

The cost:  The opportunity.

Bring your camera, your enthusiasm, a bus token, and a switchblade.


15 thoughts on “The Starbucks Photo Adventure/Workshop/Tour Announced!

  1. Aivaras says:

    Two of my photosuperheroes in one place? 8) Cool! And when are you going to run this adventure? I know that I’ll fly to Chicago next mount and will have spare time, and then Toronto is not that far away….

  2. andygemmell says:

    I suspect it’ll be the dual of the M9 vs. the film camera entourage from Edmonton……(Mark – Dork # 1; choose your weapon carefully). I get the sense The Producer might be required to knock this get together into shape :-)! ….and do some shopping.

  3. karen says:


    If it isn’t going to be at a coffee place, shouldn’t it not be at De Mello’s?

    Sounds like fun. I am sure I am not alone among blog fans when I say it would be fun to see evidence of the conference proceedings. 🙂

    Happy almost springtime.

  4. This could be a good opportunity for you and Mark to talk about that podcast. 😉

  5. A.Hackauf says:

    How much would I like to be with you guys… wish all of you a creative and joyful time! Hope to see the results! 😀

  6. jkjod says:

    I expect nothing but excellent “bro” selfies on your sites for the forseable future after the visit.

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