Mamiya 6 – Test Shot #3.



Mamiya 6 + 50mm + Kodak Porta 400.

4 thoughts on “Mamiya 6 – Test Shot #3.

  1. andygemmell says:

    Lovely winters day light there Peter. And one fearless goalie!

    So have you found the 6 much different when shooting than the 7?

  2. David says:

    It doesn’t speak it sings. The composition, the way you’ve carefully framed the eye, the lighting and the Portrait palette, just wonderful. Peter, your medium format film work has a whole other sensibility and soul to it. What ever it is doing to your thought process is wonderful and you need to do more of it!

    • Thanks for noticing those details David, and for your generous comments!

      And yet, the image lacks something… I believe it’s because our little goalie was recovering from a viral illness and he looks deflated. The normal spark I look for is not there in his eyes, despite the beautiful external light.

      Still, I like the image… and am glad you like it too.

      And I’ll keep plugging away with medium format film.

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