7 thoughts on “Connection.

  1. Connection — two people looking at one another, implying, what? Well, that’s what makes this a special photo. It grabs our minds and, perhaps, emotions, leaving us with — possibilities. A grandiose response, you say? Perhaps. But, if so, then you’ll just have to settle for it. My favorite so far of your work in De Mello.

  2. Speaking of connection the M10 is rumoured to be announced soon, i think with the Q,SL sensor i wonder if the M9 users will connect and upgrade.

    I will be keeping an eye on your thoughts, i did have a chance to use the SL not sure if i connected with the color seemed like it was a effort to give the CMOS sensor a bit of forced color pop if that makes sense to anyone.

    Not just this one but all your Coffee Shop shots are excellent Peter.

    1. Thanks Ian.

      The M10… hmmm… I’m not sure I’ll have much to say about it. I will keep my mind open though.

      Your observation of the “forced color pop” in the CMOS output of the SL is an interesting one. Your “pop” has subconsciously been perceived by me as a colour “buzz”. Now I know why… they were trying to make things “pop” as you say. It does seem forced, doesn’t it? Still, I would take the SL rendering over the M240, but part of the reason I likely won’t have much to say about the M10 is that I’m perfectly satisfied with my M9 cameras.

  3. Hi Peter, I’ve contemplated purchasing an M9 for some time, but I’ve read so many reports (including yours) about reliability issues, card problems, and an overall lack of customer service. I know you love these cameras, but I know from your earlier posts that they have also been the source of frustration. So what has happened? Have you just changed your expectations, or has Leica really addressed the problems out there? Additionally, would you recommend a newbie to Leica purchasing a second-hand Leica M9, or would I be headed down a similar path of frustration? I appreciate your experience and feedback. Your site has long been a favorite of mine.

    1. Hi Will.

      What changed for me was Leica fixing the sensor corrosion issue. When I re-purchased my M9/M-E cameras, I made sure to buy ones with the sensor replaced. Not because Leica won’t in the future fix M9/M-E/Monochrom cameras that develop a corrosion issue, but because there’s no Leica repair facilities in Canada and I don’t want to be sending my cameras away for months at a time.

      As for recommendations to a “newbie” looking to purchase a Leica rangefinder, it really comes down to whether you perceive an image quality advantage with the M9, like I do. If you do, then there really is no other option (unless you choose an M8). If you don’t, you’d be better off with an M240 which behaves more like a modern camera (processing speed, card compatibility, decent LCD, reliability, etc.).

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