The Leica M is dead… long live the Leica M :)


I’ve been following the rumours of the new Leica M that have been circulating around the web lately.

More interesting perhaps than the camera itself is some of the commentary associated with it.  Specifically, I’m amused by the number of individuals who are dismissing the importance of the pending announcement and referring to the M platform as irrelevant or dead.  I’m willing to bet that many of the naysayers have never touched a rangefinder, let alone used one.

And frankly that sort of talk is in clear violation of Rules #2 and #20, so the haters should proceed with caution.

Without a doubt, the M platform will continue to be relevant as long as photography is.


(On a related note, I sadly have no further news for the “other” M-type camera (CCD anyone? I’ve previously posted about.  Although I’m assured the project is alive and well, no further updates are forthcoming.)


5 thoughts on “The Leica M is dead… long live the Leica M :)

  1. Evening Peter. I haven’t been paying too much attention to what Leica may have up their sleeves for the next M as I’m sure an updated version is in the works because my M-E (CCD) is perfect for me. Howevever, I occasionally read the Leica Rumors site and it would appear a new M may be announced next month. Seems to me that there will be some M 240 based owners may not be happy with the next version. I won’t be surprised if Liveview is removed and the M gets back to basics and simplicity where the SL will be the go to camera if you want automation and EVF technology.

  2. Perhaps, as you comment, the point is in Leica bet itself.
    As they divided it by two already when introducing the SL, now probably interest is also a half.
    Most Leica users have M lenses and want to make use of them. Now some start having SL ones.
    Both systems are very different, actually lenses don’t fit one with eachother (despite adaptors). But other than design the main difference is EVF.
    Why didn’t they fit a M bayonet in it?

  3. An M will always have its place whilst the middle aged brigade are about . Not so sure about 30 years time!

    They are making all the right noises about the next M. Thinner, simpler, etc. Always knew it would not have a CCD sensor which is fine.

    I’ll be keeping my M6 and Mamiya 7 though!

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