6 thoughts on “De Mello Treats.

  1. Man, you know how to flash! The sweet/cookies shine bright amidst the “darkness”..to flash like there is no flash is the challenge, well done Peter.

    1. Andreas, you are yet another viewer of my site with an observant eye!

      Yes, as much as I dislike using flash, the trick is to make it look like it was not used. I was happy here that the colours of the croissants look natural and that their texture is not “glossy” (for lack of a better word).


  2. Hi Peter – I love this shot. You made “daily” special. I was curious to know what you think of this Zeiss 25. Does it give the red fringe at the edges sometimes? Do you code it as the 24 Elmarit or something else? There isn’t much information out there in the Web world about this lens so I hope you will give your brief input. Thanks!

    1. Hi Glen!

      I haven’t coded it as anything and there’s no distortion and no red fringes. The first I expected, the second was a total (pleasant) surprise. This lens plays nicely with my M9.


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