Hats off to pro photographers.


Earlier this week, I became aware that several of my photographs were being used by a non-profit organization… without my permission.

I contacted them to inform them that promoting their business with my work without first asking me was simply wrong.  I was a little surprised to get the response “But we’re a non-profit, not a business”, as if that justified it all.

I asked them whether the people who put their website together were paid for their services and of course they were.  So, I continued, Why is it okay for you to steal from me?

Ultimately, the wrongdoing was acknowledged and my images were removed from their website.

But this whole experience reminded me of something I’ve been wanting to state publicly for a long time:  I have a great respect for photographers who actually earn a living plying their craft, because their work has increasingly been devalued.



5 thoughts on “Hats off to pro photographers.

  1. G.A. says:

    That’s sad and I share with you the respect for photographers making from their work a space of self realization, professional or not.
    Unfortunately many people still believe photography is a silly hobby.

  2. Bo says:

    Way to go Peter!!

  3. andygemmell says:

    Some people just have no respect for others. Ironic it’s a Non for Profit!

  4. Axel R. says:

    Why would you expect non-profits to have scruples? I worked for a “non-profit” years ago. Since a non-profit corporation cannot show profits for tax purposes, the directors and owners paid the profits to themselves as big income and fat bonuses, plus kickbacks and “contributions” from contractors. And it was paid by government funding to boot. Nice and legal way to evade taxes, if you know how to work the system. What a sad and deceitful scam.

  5. nickolas says:

    Kind of like how no one thinks they need to pay for music anymore. It’s straight up theft.

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