8 thoughts on “Delights.

  1. I really love all the various framing going on here, the “skinny” reflection, and the gentle handling of what must surely have been quite “mixed” lighting. At risk of being repetitive, I do so enjoy looking for the multiple compositional elements you put into these seemingly simple, everyday images of yours. This blog must take considerable time and energy (even if you do love doing it). I sure am glad you make the effort. Thanks.

    1. Thank you Greg. You always notice the little details. The “skinny” reflection was more prominent/interesting on a shot that followed this one, but the overall composition was lacking so it will never see the light of day.

      Yes, the blog takes a long time but as you know it is indeed a labour of love.

      1. Hey Peter,
        How do you handle mixed lighting nightmares like this probably was? Do you just move the slider until things look right or is there some other way?
        Love these small independent coffee shops like this and support them wholeheartedly over the coffee behemoth that will go unnamed.

    1. The M9 bodies I’m currently using have had their sensors replaced. No practical differences that I’ve noticed, though some claim that there are slight differences between the new and old sensors.

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