G’s Tomato.

Our son G has been trying to grow tomatoes since early this summer.

Recently he was excited to see some progress in the form of this promising fruit of his labour.  He was keeping a watchful eye on it as he was hoping to eventually serve it to us in a salad, seasoned with the basil he’s also been growing (LOL, our house is looking more and more like a makeshift organic farm each day).

Unfortunately, last night a nocturnal visitor decided to have a little nibble on it, and this is what we found early this morning  😦



↑iPhone (photo credit goes to my wife).

2 thoughts on “G’s Tomato.

  1. Jim Suojanen says:

    Some critters got after my tomatoes too this year; I covered them with netting. I’ve never had to do this before, but suspect it’s due to the very dry weather and animals looking for moisture wherever they can find it. Since the bites are small and since my plants are in a raised bed with 3 foot sides, I figure squirrels are the culprits but am open to other guesses.

    P.S. I like your 90mm Summicron shots. I prefer my 75mm Summicron for the smaller size and larger viewfinder image. Pairing the 75 with a 28mm Summicron (old version) on my M9 makes for a versatile travel combo.


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