September 9, 2009.

Seven years ago (on 9/9/9), Leica introduced the M9.

At the time Phil Askey was still at the helm of Dpreview and he wrote a Leica M9 hands-on preview article that is still accessible, if you’re interested in reading it.


One thought on “September 9, 2009.

  1. A point of interest regarding Mr. Askey’s aforementioned hands-on preview is the following that appears on the bottom of the first page:

    Full disclosure – personal bias

    Before the M8 review I had no experience of rangefinder photography, something I considered relegated to history. During the review process (and thanks to input from those who had used rangefinders before) I gradually began to ‘get’ the advantages, being better ‘connected’ to the subject thanks to the huge bright viewfinder, and being forced to focus manually, always select the aperture, and think more about the shot. Not to mention in the case of the M8, the look from those gorgeous prime lenses (amazingly sharp at the point of focus fading smoothly to silky bokeh). Hence not long after posting my review I bought an M8 for myself (along with a bunch of lenses), and ever since (and unconsciously) all of my personal favorite photographs have come from the M8.

    Obviously M series ownership isn’t for everyone, nor is rangefinder photography. But if you’re serious about photography and you get the chance, even if you’d never considered it before, you really should try it.

    One can probably surmise that the above is one reason that the M9 was never reviewed on Dpreview.

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