A study in composition — there’s a lot going on in this frame!

This is probably one of the most successful (spontaneous) compositions I’ve had this year.  I wish I’d shot it at f/8, so more detail could be appreciated in the background, but often the background is full of distractions therefore I routinely photograph at wider apertures to relegate the clutter into a blur (incidentally, this photograph was shot at f/4.5. which is wide-ish for a telephoto lens).

On a related note, there are few vocal individuals on camera forums these days that routinely decry shallow-depth-of-field-photography and label it a fad.

I disagree:  the technique has been employed extensively from the dawn of photography and there are too many background distractions in modern-day environments to not use it.



↑Nikon D810 + Nikon 70-200mm f/4G ED VR AF-S.

2 thoughts on “Readying.

  1. greg g49 says:

    I will spare everyone my going through what I see, except to say the lines are fabulous. I did want to suggest that I’m not sure f/8 would have have been better. I’m looking at the (backstop?) post that falls between the two players on the bench and the rest of the yellow shirts that lead on into the frame. Since it’s so well lit, if it were sharper it might become an interruption. It’s a long way back so hard to say even at f/8 with the focal plane so far forward. You’d have to actually see it that way to compare, but I like it as it is.

    PS There’s a “suspicious” amount of hair stealing out from under the cap of the player leaning on the fence, is that perhaps H that this whole composition revolves around?

    • Thank you Greg. It’s certainly possible that f/8 wouldn’t have added much, but I have a nagging feeling about it.

      And as for your PS comment: that is actually another (male) player who happens to have very long hair! The central player (focused on) was as intended.

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