Day Camp (several images).

A day in the life of our three campers.

(Taken Friday August 26th, 2016.)

Technical:  Nikon D810  Nikon 70-200mm f/4  |  Nikon 300mm f/4E (last 4 images).


Day Camp Image 1

Day Camp Image 2

Day Camp Image 3

Day Camp Image 4

Day Camp Image 5

Day Camp Image 6

Day Camp Image 7

Day Camp Image 8

Day Camp Image 9

Day Camp Image 10

3 thoughts on “Day Camp (several images).

  1. mewanchuk says:

    I quite like the very last image in this series.

  2. greg g49 says:

    A couple nice catches and one truly spectacular hair toss. 😉

  3. Thanks Mark. As a standalone image that one would be my favourite.

    Thank you too Greg. That hair toss is one of her trademark moves.

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