Under-appreciated albums.

Two of my favourite, but totally under-appreciated, albums of all time are:

  1. You’d Prefer an Astronaut (by Hum).
  2. Memories of the Soul Shack Survivors (by Bass is Base).

You’ve probably never heard of either of them. Completely different from each other, but both exceptionally good.

The latter was a local (Toronto) band that could only have emerged from a successfully multicultural place like this city.

The first band was from the USA, and was/is just awesome.


6 thoughts on “Under-appreciated albums.

  1. paulperton says:

    Hi. I quickly learned to trust your judgement and finally (after many years of havering) took your advice and bought a slightly used M9. To quote Ron McD; I’m lovin’ it. Not the music though. Hum isn’t my speed and Bass is Base don’t appear on iTunes. Shame that 😉

  2. Ashwin Rao says:

    Ah yes, that Hum album is always great, when you miss the train to Mars….:)

  3. andygemmell says:

    Peter there is an Australian band you wouldn’t have heard off I’d imagine called Special Patrol. They put out an album called Handy Hints from the Undertaker. It’s worth a listen…but it may not be up your alley!

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