11 years old.

August 11th, 2016.

11 years old - 2016

Leica M9 (CCD Lives!Prosophos Open Letter to Leica) + Leica 75mm Summilux (Canada 🇨🇦).

4 thoughts on “11 years old.

  1. greg g49 says:

    I “know” C only through your posts, but even so, this contemplative profile, limned in such quiet, gentle light seems to have captured her essence perfectly. Very beautiful work, Dad, and Happy Birthday! to her.

  2. Thank you kindly Greg.

    On another note, I posted some lyrics yesterday and realized I haven’t had the privilege of seeing your poetry in a while. Hope you’re still word-smithing.

  3. Tibor Budai says:

    great shot! I like how you have caught her contemplating eyes looking through the window. One just wonders what she’s looking at.

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