We’re back from The Great Canadian East Coast Road Trip (our first ever).

Interestingly, I didn’t photograph as much as I thought I might.

On the other hand, we’re all well-rested, lol.



Leica M9 (CCD Lives!Prosophos Open Letter to Leica) + Leica 35mm Summilux ASPH FLE.

9 thoughts on “Souvenirs.

  1. Aivaras says:

    Wellcome back. Looks like your kids learned how to sleep in dynamic composition. 🙂

  2. Andrew says:

    They look pretty tired. Where did you go? (Perhaps you passed by our place!)

  3. mewanchuk says:

    That is one tiiiiired crew!

    Welcome back.

  4. andygemmell says:

    Welcome back. Did you slip something into the ice cream?

  5. I hope everyone had a good time. I’m curious where you spent time and what places your kids enjoyed most (so I can research whether there are places my kids might enjoy that I’m not familiar with). We are thinking about heading up to Maine next year, and possibly taking the ferry to Nova Scotia for a few days.

    • Hi James. We spent time in Quebec City, PEI, and Cape Breton. The shot above was taken in New Brunswick, on our way back home.

      The kids enjoyed PEI the most, because they spent every day at the beach. If you go to Nova Scotia, FOR SURE go to the Cabot Trail. Our kids enjoyed that too, as did we… the scenery is very beautiful.

  6. Thanks for the information, Peter. I’ll be sure to look up the Cabot Trail. A long time ago my wife and I met a gentleman from PEI that was working in the states as a contractor. He customized his Buick Reatta to be the only one I know of with a supercharged V6 and a 5 speed manual transmission. Whenever I hear anything about PEI, it brings back memories of meeting Greg in person after reading his posts on a Buick forum for a few years prior.

  7. […] The photo in the background is from here. […]

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