5 thoughts on ““Playa”

  1. I like the subtle hint of movement in this one Peter. And those colours….wow!!

    So…have you made the big decision yet?

    1. Thanks Andrew! Yes the colours from this sensor are quite nice. It was one of the first things I noticed in D810 images over the D800E.

      Big decision?… you mean Nikon or Leica?

          1. Mmm…a conumdrum. I have noticed you not using it as much. Though there may come a time you change up again. Personally I find two styles of camera hard to own AND use. Hence the Mamiya 7 and M film camera have lived well together both being rangefinders. I’m never inclinded to pull my D750 out at home or for the street. So slightly different take to yourself.

            That said Im going to take my D750 only on a short trip soon and 2 primes and give it a go. Relunctantly 😕!

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