10 thoughts on “Shot on Leica M8 :)

  1. Great shot! IP refinded/processed/ ennobled by Leica ..the Lady in Red..likes red cars..Peter, you lucky one this combo is wonderful!

  2. Lovely picture. Can I confess to really hating those “shot on iPhone 6(S)” billboards with their “digitally enhanced” disclaimers in tiny font size? An iPhone can take decent pictures but it’s misleading to suggest it can give the results of a larger sensor camera

  3. A few observations.

    Row of identical/forgettable red rental (?) cars sliding off the bottom right corner.
    Dissonance of iPhone “mannequin-like” image captured on billboard in comparison to real people on right side of framed image.
    Pedestrians include woman looking down at her, presumably…maybe even actually….Iphone…while walking by.
    Glimpses of billboards promoting all you can eat and Fat B-tard burrito restaurants around the corner.
    Vacant parking space. I am inserting “hope for more and better” in this space.
    A good urban image which could double as a wake up call if one looks carefully.
    Only thing missing from the sadder side of the here and now is a selfie.

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