2 thoughts on “Monday Morning.

  1. Peter, it´s time that I confess: one of your best street shots, I love it so much, I have to break my hurt silence 🙂 ….

    Awesome prespective of row of houses/buildings, the preoccupied “one direction look” of the early rushing ( reinforced by the smudging of the right feet- wonderful Peter you catched them all by right foot!!!)..the car-lights shine impatiently through their “accidental victims” and even the asphalt glorifies their “title by road”..sorry, could express it much better in german, but I try my best this morning( also no time- rushing 🙂 ….and the biker from right..boy..all togehter a master-piece

    I really wonder why nobody else gave a comment yet.

    Yes, I agree film rules, but in my humble opinion: the M9 is so far my best compromise, I can´t handle film no more, what a pity- but I have Peter with his wonderful blog..thank you, my friend!

    1. Andreas, I am very glad you broke your silence to comment.

      I must confess, the M9 is my favourite digital camera and I do miss it. You were right, I was wrong.

      Fortunately, the M3 and Mamiya RZ67 share the first place spot for me and I am lucky enough to have both.

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